Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Hidden in Plain Sight

I can hardly stop laughing over this one, so I thought I'd share with you...

In the course of my usual duties, I looked at a journal article. My Place of Work has a license to read the article, but the publisher isn't recognizing our ID / Password right now. When I viewed the article on my screen, I noticed a faint blue color below the 'Login to Read More' message.
I don't want to embarass the journal, so I've semi-redacted the text that is in solid black. Can you see faint blue text below the Login message?

On the journal site, you can right click and View Source to read the whole article in solid black text. Or you could just copy and paste it to Word and change light blue to black.

<Shake My Head>

Attention Journal website staff,

If you don't want us to see the text, don't show it. You should show one page before Login and a different page after Login.

That is all,

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  1. Must be an example of the latest trend in scholarly publishing: Steganographic Open Access.