Friday, July 6, 2012

Porn Performers in the Library

We’ve heard plenty about Library Patrons watching Porn on Library Computers, but I want to talk about some Library Patrons bringing their own laptops and webcams into the Library and performing Lewd & Lascivious Acts in public for money.

Let’s start with a little education for those that don’t know. There are people out there that get paid to perform sex acts on camera for a watching audience. One of those websites is While the site is Free, the camgirls require “tokens” to perform their act.

Twice in June I learned there were camgirls from the MyFreeCams site performing their act in public in a Library. I had discussed this with a friend and thought that Twitter might be a good way to get the word out to Librarians at that Library so the performance could be halted and the camgirl arrested. When I heard, I went to the site and waited until I could get a screen shot that captured the Library rather than the girl. I then posted that picture (they are below) to Twitter hoping the message would get passed around. In both cases, I was able to provide a general geographic area, but couldn’t even specify city. That meant calling any Library was out. There’s just too many in any given region to call them all. I thought Twitter would be more effective because staff would recognize their own Library. Unfortunately, I got no response.

I hate to make anyone’s job harder and require more frequent walks through the Library, but I think the only way to stop this action is to catch them in the act. If these camgirls made money with these shows, I have to assume they’ll do it again. 

Do you recognize either of these Libraries? 

Can you think of a better method to get the word out to Library Staff?

 On Jun 8th, this camgirl was performing at a Library somewhere in New York (state not city). I suspect it is a University Library since they have a lot of long tables and lamps. There was a person sitting at the far left of that first table who didn’t seem to notice anything amiss.

On Jun 28th, this camgirl was performing from a Library in the Pasadena CA area. The light blue color of the columns and the presence of those columns should be recognizable to that Library’s staff and patrons. Also, this is the second floor or higher as that is a railing in the background

Addendum added on 07/13/12. More pictures of CameronKnight. She was at it again on 07/12. Since the purpose is still to identify the Library, I have obscured her face and breasts. In the top shot, that is her dress around her neck. This Library has lights in the stacks that are on timer switches or motion detectors.